This week, our guest Ro shares how growing up, he had dreams with a clear vision of how to get there. But as he got older, he had to shift his focus to his family. After a few years, when the time was right, he was finally able to chase his own dreams, but the path was never perfect. However, Ro didn’t let that stop him. Ro shares how he created his own path to success and how it led him to where he’s at today, running his own training program. He’s now been able to work with hundreds of people all across the Treasure Valley and beyond. Tune in to find out how Ro was able to find his Positive Perspective.

Terra P is kicking off Season 2, to tell the truth about where she’s been the past 5 months. The last time we chatted in early August of 2020, I told you guys I was taking a three-month break. Well, November came and went and no Positive Perspectives or Terra P?! But Unfortunately, I was on another loop of this “rollercoaster of 2020.” It took some time, but with the encouragement of friends and family, I was able to get Positive Perspectives back up and running, and come back bigger and better! Not only do you get your typically scheduled weekly podcast episode, but I now have a website where we can better connect and find super cool merch! ( I hope you give PP an opportunity this season because I truly think we can all learn through others positive perspectives!

I can’t believe season one is coming to an end!! I have learned so much in the past few months from my guest; sharing their stories provided an opportunity for myself and others to learn from their tips and tricks, struggles, and life lessons, in order to allow us to become a better version of ourselves.   So this week, in honor of the amazing guest, this episode is dedicated to all 17 guests of season one of Positive Perspectives! We take a look back and highlight some of the biggest gold nuggets dropped this season.   Make sure you tune in to hear some of my favorite season one memories, biggest takeaways, and one final word from each of our guests.   My heart is filled with so much gratitude. Thank you, friends, for joining me on this amazing ride. I’ll be back in your ears come November 2020!

Aditi shares a little about her life growing up in India. Being a middle child, she often felt the need to help others before prioritizing herself. After going off to college, Aditi faced some experiences where she knew she needed to prioritize herself and ask for help. When she was looking for help though, she found there were limited resources around mental health along with it being a pretty taboo topic. Once COVID happened, she knew it was time to destigmatize mental health and started Speaking Grey. She now offers resources for overall wellness as well as provides a safe space for others to open up. Aditi has big dreams for Speaking Grey, but ultimately wants others to know it’s not only okay to prioritize your overall health, but it’s essential! Follow her on Instagram @speakinggrey

Sean comes on and shares his pride in growing up in small-town Inkom, Idaho. He enjoyed being a typical active kid and really took an interest in sports. As he approached his last few years in high school, he learned he could outwork many of his peers and started to strengthen himself not only physically but mentally. Sean recalls that was crucial to becoming a D1 athlete but was not very vital for entering the real world. Once out of college, one of his good buddies shared a meditation practice with him and Sean recalls it changed his life. From then on, he learned how important it was to approach certain areas of your life with a softer approach than he’d been practicing the past 10 years. Sean now finds ways to continue to soften himself and reports it not only helps him mentally but also in his work and personal life. Follow him on Instagram @SeanPaulRutt

This week, Sarah shares that a lot of her childhood identity was rooted in the fact she was a twin as well as being very involved in swimming. Once she got to college, she decided to totally change paths and was determined to build her own identity. She talks about how she was able to envision the person she’s always wanted to be and how she was able to work backward to become that person. One area of her life she wanted to grow was volunteering and spreading more positivity. She knew she loved to do little acts of good for others, such as holding the door, sharing an inspiring quote, or writing a note to someone she appreciated, but also knew she could do more. Once COVID happened, she saw a need to spread more positivity and Positive Change Project was born. Her goal now is just to spread as much joy and positivity to others while living out the person she’s always wanted to be. Follow her on Instagram @Positive_Change_Project_