Learning How to Soften Yourself with Sean Rutten

Sean comes on and shares his pride in growing up in small-town Inkom, Idaho. He enjoyed being a typical active kid and really took an interest in sports. As he approached his last few years in high school, he learned he could outwork many of his peers and started to strengthen himself not only physically but mentally. Sean recalls that was crucial to becoming a D1 athlete but was not very vital for entering the real world. Once out of college, one of his good buddies shared a meditation practice with him and Sean recalls it changed his life. From then on, he learned how important it was to approach certain areas of your life with a softer approach than he’d been practicing the past 10 years. Sean now finds ways to continue to soften himself and reports it not only helps him mentally but also in his work and personal life. Follow him on Instagram @SeanPaulRutt

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