Bree and Angelo may be the first successful online relationship since they met around the age of 13 on AIM through mutual friends! They both recall having a very sarcastic playful relationship, as young love often is, and reported it progressed naturally even though they lived in different states. A few years later, they finally decided to meet in person and that’s where their love story really started. Since they met so young, they have had to learn how to grow and flow together through many different phases of life. Bree and Angelo share many of their secrets to a successful relationship and you can also find many helpful life tips at their blog

Ever since she was a little girl, Vaneeta recalls that writing had always played a pivotal role in her life. Whether it inspired her or she was able to use it as a coping mechanism, writing was something that always grasped her attention. At the age of 19, Vaneeta self-published her own book and remembered that many others looked at it as a “failure”. Luckily, Vaneeta was able to take that feedback, and learn how to improve, and used it to help her grow her self-confidence. Since then, she has published the first in the Silver Lining series, Broken Branches. Keep up with Vaneeta and her story to see when the launch of the second book in the Silver Lining series will drop!

Joshua’s Positive Point

Joshua may be young in age, but he’s as wise as they come. Joshua reports being pretty shy in his early childhood; almost the oppositive of how he is now. But as he entered high school, he started to find himself and became very involved in speech and drama. Just as things were smooth sailing, the 2020 storm hit in the middle of his senior year. Josh recalls his mentality when that all started and remembers how he just wanted to focus on the future to stay motivated. That positive mindset paid off as he was approached to join his university’s radio program and was offered his very own podcast! Josh knew he wanted a topic that was not only inspiring in his own life but to other peoples as well. He remembers the exact moment the word “positivity” came into his head and he hasn’t looked back since. Joshua now has a successful podcast, where he’s able to shed a little light on your week and focus back on the positive points.

Kim recalls her youngest years being very outgoing with many dreams. But around the age of 13, her parents divorced and as the oldest sibling, Kim felt a tremendous amount of pressure to step up for them. Once she went off to college, she struggled to take care of her own needs and reported she just wasn’t prepared for the real world. After receiving help, she felt as she had a new beginning and a drive to prove others from her past wrong. Kim had to learn what it truly meant to be resilient and how to recognize your worth even when others around you might not. Kim credits manifesting her dream life and overall, just trusting that everything was going to work out. Her new book, The Corporate Hippie (set to release in March 2021), compiles many of her life lessons from, trusting your intuition, to practicing self-care and even how being heart-led can open the doors to anything you truly want in life.

Kevin opens up about how early in his early life he thought he knew it all but quickly realized that wasn’t the case. Around his 20’s, he began seeking treatment for a drug and alcohol addiction where he met three influence men. These men reminded him that he’s not alone and taught him the power of helping even just one person and the ripple effect that can have. Kevin now operates a center that offers a variety of addiction and recovery services, along with recently becoming a published author! Kevin’s new book, The New Prophet, is filled with many of his life lessons laid out through imagery and symbolism. This book is a great read for anyone and may even offer some new perspective on life!

Growing up, Shannon recalls always feeling a bit uncomfortable in her own skin. As she entered her 20’s, she finally started to feel more comfortable and settled with her life, when she received the news no one wants to hear; “you have cancer”. Shannon had many ups and downs throughout her cancer journey, but she knows it taught her a lot about herself and gave her a life perspective she wouldn’t have today. She now works in a hospital as a Patient Navigator with teens and young adults to help others feel more supported throughout their own journeys.