Where Has Terra P Really Been?!

Terra P is kicking off Season 2, to tell the truth about where she’s been the past 5 months. The last time we chatted in early August of 2020, I told you guys I was taking a three-month break. Well, November came and went and no Positive Perspectives or Terra P?! But Unfortunately, I was on another loop of this “rollercoaster of 2020.” It took some time, but with the encouragement of friends and family, I was able to get Positive Perspectives back up and running, and come back bigger and better! Not only do you get your typically scheduled weekly podcast episode, but I now have a website where we can better connect and find super cool merch! (positiveperspectivespod.com) I hope you give PP an opportunity this season because I truly think we can all learn through others positive perspectives!

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