Building Your Own Identity with Sarah

This week, Sarah shares that a lot of her childhood identity was rooted in the fact she was a twin as well as being very involved in swimming. Once she got to college, she decided to totally change paths and was determined to build her own identity. She talks about how she was able to envision the person she’s always wanted to be and how she was able to work backward to become that person. One area of her life she wanted to grow was volunteering and spreading more positivity. She knew she loved to do little acts of good for others, such as holding the door, sharing an inspiring quote, or writing a note to someone she appreciated, but also knew she could do more. Once COVID happened, she saw a need to spread more positivity and Positive Change Project was born. Her goal now is just to spread as much joy and positivity to others while living out the person she’s always wanted to be. Follow her on Instagram @Positive_Change_Project_

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