Zoe comes on to share how she’s constantly been chasing freedom. Growing up, she recalls this fundamental need to be free and to Zoe, that meant exploring the world. After attending university, she had planned to explore for a few months but after a few bumps in the road, she left on that solo trip and never returned “home”. Zoe shares the good and unexpected parts of life, and it most recently brought her to 2020. This past year reminded her to question herself; how do I find freedom in my mind? She now works with people as an ascension coach and energy healer! She hopes to inspire others to create their own definition of freedom and then to chase it!

Find her on Instagram @zoemacenergy

Wes comes on to share about the different avenues he’s pursued in life. Through all of his experiences, he’s learned that there is not just one definition of success. The only person who can truly provide that definition for you is… you. He now hosts a podcast where he invites guests on to share their version of success and hopes to inspire others to create their own definition of success! Find his podcast, Shaping Success, where ever you listen to podcasts.

Dara recalls growing up in a very loving supportive household. As she went off to college, she decided to pursue finance because it was something she was good at and offered great job security. After being in the industry for a few years, she recalls a specific moment where she knew she needed a change. However, in order for that change to happen, she knew something major needed to occur. The next week, she received the news was diagnosed with breast cancer. Dara recalls that being an extremely difficult time in her life, but she knew she could use her experience to find the courage to make that change that she needed in her life. From there, she started her blog, Crazy Perfect Life, which has only led to more and more opportunities. She is now a motivational speaker and an author of two books. Her most recent book “I am My Mother’s Daughter” is now available by following the link in her bio.

Oh hey! It’s me, and just me this week…well and maybe another male voice every once and awhile, but mostly ME! Today, we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of Positive Perspectives! (technically it’s tomorrow, but close enough!)

But I cannot believe I have been chatting with you guys for an entire year! I feel like I have learned and grown so much in a year it’s almost hard to put into words. But I did my best to do so but answering some of the many questions I’ve received over the past year!

I was honored to be hosted by the one and only Rance, as he asked me some of your burning questions! So, tune in to find out not only more about Positive Perspectives but also Terra P.

Will recalls himself as a dorky child who grew up in a loving household. From a young age, his parents always instilled in him the mindset that he’s able to accomplish anything and Will had always dreamed of a family and achieving success. Around his 30’s, Will was living the life he envisioned with his beautiful wife and son when they received some news no parent wants to receive; your three-year-old son has cancer. Through the diligent work of the medical professionals, an amazing community, and William’s strength, he came out victorious. During William’s journey, his dad, Will, gained a whole new perspective about life and recalls it as the most spiritual growth he’d ever experienced. He has a new sense of gratitude for the little moments and knows that would not be possible without his journey to find light in the darker days.

Genevieve shares how much of her childhood was filled with family adventures and opportunities to explore different cultures. However, throughout her life, one thing that’s remained consistent is she’s always been extremely inspired by women. Starting in Girl Scouts at a young age, to competing in pageants, and eventually working in the women’s fitness industry, she was always surrounded by strong, empowering women. She knew that if she wanted to inspire change, she needed to start by inspiring women, and thus the Womeness was born. The Womeness Community hopes to empower women through mindfulness movement and community impact. To learn more, go follow womeness_community on Instagram!