Well friends, the time has come to close the door on season two! This past season, I’ve had 18 amazing guests come on and share their stories to hopefully inspire others. I can say with confidence, I’ve learned something from each and every guest and I’m so grateful to those who were willing to come on and share. In this episode, I take a little time to reflect back on how I’ve grown as a person and a “podcaster” before we have one more opportunity to be inspired by the season two guest. I can’t wait to be back for season three to keep the inspiration growing!

Walkyria grew up in a small town in Idaho but as she got older, she knew her soul needed more. She tried going to school at Boise state but knew she craved more than Idaho could provide. So, sold her car and said her first big “yes” and moved to Fiji! She learned at an early age, that if you stop saying yes, you stop learning, so why not? Since then, her journey has taken her through many places all around the world, finding her way regardless of what circumstances came her way. But when the lockdown of 2020 hit and forced her and everyone to take time in isolation, she started to compile all her past writings from her journeys. She hopes to inspire a greater appreciation for life and help to bring that feeling of light into your life. You can find her new book available for preorder www.lorenmpublishinghouse.com/pages/books

The Beauty Boost Boise and I hosted an event where eight empowering women came together to share a little part of their stories. While each of them has a very different journey, they all have something in common; they created something by following a dream. Now their dreams weren’t just dreamt overnight and they came true. Each of these women has spent many hours working and cultivating their art. Tune in this week to be not just inspired by one guest but by eight amazing and empowering women.

Jazzy dives in and share how she was born in Miami but raised in Wisconsin. Jazzy’s always had a naturally bubbly and outgoing personality, but when she had to move her sophomore year of high school, she recalls feeling the need to change to fit in. Once she graduated, she moved back to her hometown and started college. After two years, she had her daughter and moved to Miami to be closer to family. Jazzy had looked into a few career options but couldn’t quite find that perfect fit. She knew she had always had an interest in social media but also knew she had to provide for her family. So, she started waitressing to make money and looking into different social avenues when the pandemic happened. She found herself without a job and a lot of time on her hands. Jazzy was quickly able to adapt, to where she is now a part-owner in a social media management business. Jazzy’s story is full of resilience and shows just how powerful it can be if you just keep going.

Alisha grew up in Liverpool and recalls being a very free-spirited kid. As she got older, she had planned to go off to university, but life had other things in mind. After taking a family trip, she came back with glandular fever. This viral infection attacked her immunes system, but she recalls just trying to push through; she had always been so active and didn’t want to stop now. Unfortunately, pushing her body had adverse effects than she’d hoped and it only made things worse. It wasn’t until this past year that Alisha truly learned the importance of listening to her body. She has realized that your longest and greatest relationship is with yourself and once we can find security in ourselves, life may just become a little bit easier.

Growing up, David’s personality always shined as he became very involved in acting and modeling at a young age. As he grew older, he started to shift his interest towards the sports realm. Even though football was not the end-all-be-all goal, he ended up playing for BSU football. David knows football played a pivotal role in his life, but once he graduated, he found himself back in the media world. He started his career by combining sports and media, but in the few years, it has since grown to so much more where he now owns his own marketing business. David knows that his journey is unique to him, but believes anyone can achieve their dreams as long as they have a combination of perseverance and patience.