Get ready to be inspired this week! Our guest Sydnee explains how her childhood was anything but “normal.”  Many of her memories are from doctors’ offices because she had some medical challenges that doctors struggled to diagnose. Even though that was a hard, and confusing time for her, she remembers leaving inspired by all the hard work of the doctors and nurses around her. It led her to volunteer more and eventually start her own non-profit, Jumbled Dreams, at just 13 years old! In the three years since founding Jumbled Dreams, they have partnered with many different people and organizations in order to give back to their communities. Sydnee wants others to know that regardless of your age, skill set, knowledge etc. you do you have the ability to make a big difference in someone’s life. Follow her on Instagram @JumbledDreams

Nicola jumps in and provides us with a brief overview of her life journey. At the young age of 7, she moved to a new country where she became fascinated to learn and help others. As she got older, she perused a few job opportunities that had elements of helping others but didn’t feel quite right. It wasn’t until a conversation with a friend where she first heard about the concept of coaching. Nicola talks about how she was able to network and find herself a life coach and how it inspired her to start her own business. She now loves to help and support women who are fed up with “fine” by encouraging them to invests in themselves.  Find her on Instagram @nicolacharlottecoaching

This week, we have the honor to listen to the story of my little sister, Morgan Pieper! Morgan gets super venerable as she recalls how many of her childhood memories revolved around her weight. Even though she was an active kid, she just remembered loving to eat; partially because what kid doesn’t love Go-Gurts and Pringles, but also partially due to a side effect of her medications.  As she entered college, all of her past insecurities lead her to engage in an unhealthy eating disorder. Luckily, she was able to find the courage to open up to some family about her struggles and they helped her create new healthy habits. Morgan now feels like she is finally on a path to a healthy relationship with the health & fitness world and it’s fueled by her drive to help others. Find her on Instagram @lil_mo_peep_

Deborah grew up in the hustle and bustle of New York City and always felt inspired by her parents; both her mom and dad were young entrepreneurs which was not the norm for their generation. When thinking back on her life, she remembered feeling the need to be perfect and often feared what other people thought of her. But through watching her parents, she learned early on that we control our own destiny, regardless of what other people tell you. There were times throughout her career that people doubted her, but she explains how she would combat that by filling her environment with positivity in order to keep herself motivated. She now shares her positivity with others through coaching, her blog, and Instagram page.   Find her on Instagram @daily.decisions

Kersti recalls her early childhood self as a courageous girl who grew up with a large family in the Church. As the family experienced some troubles, Kersti shares that her young adult-self started to rebel against what she once believed. She talks about how she turned to some unhealthy habits, including leaning into an addiction. Toward the end of college, she was noticing others’ relationships with God and she became curious once again. But it wasn’t until she took a mission trip that she felt her life forever changed. She has now has worked hard to move through some of the shame and guilt she once felt about her rebellion phase and credits a lot of that to God. Find her on Instagram @the_regenerative_everything

Growing up, Danielle describes herself as a creative child but as she got older, she became more academically focused. When she had to decide what to study in school, she found herself at a crossroads of choosing the “smart” decision that made financial sense, vs what she actually wanted to do. Ultimately, she chose the “smart” route and started her career in economics. However, she eventually hit a burnout where she was faced with another crossroad in her life. She explains how she was able to follow what felt good to her, regardless if it was what made sense to other people. She now is a “joy coach” and works with others to help them find what feels good to them and encourages them to follow their dreams. Find her on Instagram @thedaisypatchcoaching