Resilience Is So Powerful with Jazzy Pla

Jazzy dives in and share how she was born in Miami but raised in Wisconsin. Jazzy’s always had a naturally bubbly and outgoing personality, but when she had to move her sophomore year of high school, she recalls feeling the need to change to fit in. Once she graduated, she moved back to her hometown and started college. After two years, she had her daughter and moved to Miami to be closer to family. Jazzy had looked into a few career options but couldn’t quite find that perfect fit. She knew she had always had an interest in social media but also knew she had to provide for her family. So, she started waitressing to make money and looking into different social avenues when the pandemic happened. She found herself without a job and a lot of time on her hands. Jazzy was quickly able to adapt, to where she is now a part-owner in a social media management business. Jazzy’s story is full of resilience and shows just how powerful it can be if you just keep going.

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