There Will Always Be Fear But Do It Anyways with Walkyria Whitlock

Walkyria grew up in a small town in Idaho but as she got older, she knew her soul needed more. She tried going to school at Boise state but knew she craved more than Idaho could provide. So, sold her car and said her first big “yes” and moved to Fiji! She learned at an early age, that if you stop saying yes, you stop learning, so why not? Since then, her journey has taken her through many places all around the world, finding her way regardless of what circumstances came her way. But when the lockdown of 2020 hit and forced her and everyone to take time in isolation, she started to compile all her past writings from her journeys. She hopes to inspire a greater appreciation for life and help to bring that feeling of light into your life. You can find her new book available for preorder

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