Joshua’s Positive Point

Joshua may be young in age, but he’s as wise as they come. Joshua reports being pretty shy in his early childhood; almost the oppositive of how he is now. But as he entered high school, he started to find himself and became very involved in speech and drama. Just as things were smooth sailing, the 2020 storm hit in the middle of his senior year. Josh recalls his mentality when that all started and remembers how he just wanted to focus on the future to stay motivated. That positive mindset paid off as he was approached to join his university’s radio program and was offered his very own podcast! Josh knew he wanted a topic that was not only inspiring in his own life but to other peoples as well. He remembers the exact moment the word “positivity” came into his head and he hasn’t looked back since. Joshua now has a successful podcast, where he’s able to shed a little light on your week and focus back on the positive points.

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