Finding The Courage To Make A Change with Dara Kurtz

Dara recalls growing up in a very loving supportive household. As she went off to college, she decided to pursue finance because it was something she was good at and offered great job security. After being in the industry for a few years, she recalls a specific moment where she knew she needed a change. However, in order for that change to happen, she knew something major needed to occur. The next week, she received the news was diagnosed with breast cancer. Dara recalls that being an extremely difficult time in her life, but she knew she could use her experience to find the courage to make that change that she needed in her life. From there, she started her blog, Crazy Perfect Life, which has only led to more and more opportunities. She is now a motivational speaker and an author of two books. Her most recent book “I am My Mother’s Daughter” is now available by following the link in her bio.

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