Finding Light In The Darker Days: A Father’s Perspective Of His Son’s Pediatric Cancer with Will Anderson

Will recalls himself as a dorky child who grew up in a loving household. From a young age, his parents always instilled in him the mindset that he’s able to accomplish anything and Will had always dreamed of a family and achieving success. Around his 30’s, Will was living the life he envisioned with his beautiful wife and son when they received some news no parent wants to receive; your three-year-old son has cancer. Through the diligent work of the medical professionals, an amazing community, and William’s strength, he came out victorious. During William’s journey, his dad, Will, gained a whole new perspective about life and recalls it as the most spiritual growth he’d ever experienced. He has a new sense of gratitude for the little moments and knows that would not be possible without his journey to find light in the darker days.

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