Dream The Little Dream with Sydnee from Jumbled Dreams

Get ready to be inspired this week! Our guest Sydnee explains how her childhood was anything but “normal.”  Many of her memories are from doctors’ offices because she had some medical challenges that doctors struggled to diagnose. Even though that was a hard, and confusing time for her, she remembers leaving inspired by all the hard work of the doctors and nurses around her. It led her to volunteer more and eventually start her own non-profit, Jumbled Dreams, at just 13 years old! In the three years since founding Jumbled Dreams, they have partnered with many different people and organizations in order to give back to their communities. Sydnee wants others to know that regardless of your age, skill set, knowledge etc. you do you have the ability to make a big difference in someone’s life. Follow her on Instagram @JumbledDreams

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