Creating Your Dream Life By Being Resilient with Kimberly Adams

Kim recalls her youngest years being very outgoing with many dreams. But around the age of 13, her parents divorced and as the oldest sibling, Kim felt a tremendous amount of pressure to step up for them. Once she went off to college, she struggled to take care of her own needs and reported she just wasn’t prepared for the real world. After receiving help, she felt as she had a new beginning and a drive to prove others from her past wrong. Kim had to learn what it truly meant to be resilient and how to recognize your worth even when others around you might not. Kim credits manifesting her dream life and overall, just trusting that everything was going to work out. Her new book, The Corporate Hippie (set to release in March 2021), compiles many of her life lessons from, trusting your intuition, to practicing self-care and even how being heart-led can open the doors to anything you truly want in life.

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