Battling An Eating Disorder with Morgan

This week, we have the honor to listen to the story of my little sister, Morgan Pieper! Morgan gets super venerable as she recalls how many of her childhood memories revolved around her weight. Even though she was an active kid, she just remembered loving to eat; partially because what kid doesn’t love Go-Gurts and Pringles, but also partially due to a side effect of her medications.  As she entered college, all of her past insecurities lead her to engage in an unhealthy eating disorder. Luckily, she was able to find the courage to open up to some family about her struggles and they helped her create new healthy habits. Morgan now feels like she is finally on a path to a healthy relationship with the health & fitness world and it’s fueled by her drive to help others. Find her on Instagram @lil_mo_peep_

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